Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Woman Got White Hair

Woman walked in the dark unafraid, traveling on well-worn paths with the soft needles of White Pine brushing against her bare arms. Woman's dark eyes gazed up into the Western night sky and marveled at the millions of tiny lights sparkling like newly fallen snow. She turned her gaze to the East, and the warm light of Grandmother Moon reflected off Woman's long, white hair, creating a hazy glow. She closed her eyes and prayed.

In those days, Woman lived her entire life under Sun and Moon, Clouds and Rain, Snow and Stars. She knew all things that lived around her, and was guided by Grandmother Moon.

From the moment Woman was born, Grandmother Moon bathed her in Moon light, sending wisdom into Woman's heart through her hair. As she grew, Woman learned many things from Grandmother Moon. She learned about Moon times and the cycles of life. She learned the importance of going within to restore her energy and listen to her inner voice.

Grandmother Moon continued to give Woman wisdom for many years. But when Woman reached the age when her Moon time disappeared, something magical happened. So full of wisdom was Woman that the beautiful white light from Grandmother Moon began to be stored in her hair, for there was no other place left in her body to put it. One by one the strands of black hair began to change, and it wasn't long before Woman's hair was entirely white, showing everyone what great wisdom she possessed. Woman had finally become a Grandmother.

And this is how Woman got white hair.

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