Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thank you and good night.

I am simplifying my life. Plugging the energetic dam so to speak. Disconnecting so as to focus more fully on fewer things. I have had to transition between living the life of long term unemployed to full-time state employee. I don't have the time or the energy to do all the things I was doing before. I am whittling down my life. I want to forage wild foods for my pantry. I want to write music. I want to spend quiet time alone or with a few friends. That is about it right now.

I am not sure why I started blogging. I mean really, my thoughts and opinions are no more important than anyone else's so why bother writing about them? I love to tell a good story, I certainly can stand on a soapbox as well as the next person. But I am tired.

So I will not be posting any more blogs in the near future. I am not sure if I ever will. I just wanted to say thanks for reading them and thanks for entering my world.