Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Art of Snoring

My Grandma Aldrich was the world's greatest snorer. She could snore so loud that the walls of her house would vibrate. Literally! When I would visit Grandma for a weekend, she would sleep in her bedroom at one end of the house and I would sleep in the guest room at the other end. Both of our doors were shut. I could still hear her, loudly. How could such a proper woman put out such prehistoric noise?

Once I took Grandma on a trip to the UP. We had to share a hotel room everywhere we went. It is a wonder I didn't crash the van due to sleep deprivation. Grandma passed away in 1995. I swear sometimes at night I can hear a rumble in the sky.

Snoring is an art. My family is great at it, our tradition passed on from generation to generation. I have been told I share in this talent. Sadly, none of us mastered Grandma Aldrich's great snore. At the risk of being filleted by my family members, I am pleased to present to you my award winning docudrama, The Snoring Bartons! I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Funny sister funny. I do not snore!

  2. :) My mother-in-law is a champion snorer. She also sometimes talks loudly in her sleep, and once threw a blanket out the front door in the middle of the night, thinking it was on fire.