Friday, April 3, 2015

Ring Ring the Telephone Rings!

Yesterday I had my land line reinstalled. A nice technician from ATT, complete with very large rings in his ear lobes, did the job in record time AND rewired one of my old phones. He gave me a quick lesson in how to upgrade from multi-strand to single-strand wire should I wish to rewire other old phones. In exchange, I gave him a taste of black walnut syrup and a handout on how to tap trees, as he was intrigued by the blue bags hanging from the trees in my front yard. In fact, he didn't introduce himself when he arrived, just asked right off the bat what those blue bags were. It was a nice visit.

After supper, I sat down in my chair and a friend called me on my flip phone. We talked for a few minutes, then the rotary phone rang! Ring ring ring, ring ring ring. "Go answer it!" said my friend. It was so exciting to hear that familiar ring once again. I picked up the receiver and held it to my ear.

"Good evening, Barton's" I said in the best imitation of my Grandma I could muster.

I chatted with another friend for awhile who was calling to inaugurate the phone, then I hung up and began to "type" an email on my iPhone using voice recognition, while Survivor blared from my laptop. Why have Dish TV when I can watch my shows a week later on the computer for free? I know it won't last long, they will figure out a way to charge me. Anyway, I am almost finished with the email when my rotary phone rings again.  I pick up the receiver.

"Hello, hi," I said, a bit confused as I was trying to stop the email I was working on. I looked at the screen on the iPhone and "hello hi" appeared in the email, then whoosh, off it went! Nothing I could do about that.

When I hung up the phone, I looked around me. I had my rotary phone and flip phone on the table next to me, my computer on in front of me, the television playing Jack Ryan, and my iPhone resting on the arm of my chair. Five pieces of technology. And I am trying to downsize. No wonder I can't sleep at night.

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