Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Bees Came Home to Die

Last fall I visited one of my bee hives and found hundreds of dead bees at the hive's entrance. A few days later there were several hundred more. They had been poisoned yet spent their last bit of their energy flying home where they died a slow and painful death before they could enter the hive. Home. A place so very important to the bees. I can't imagine what their sisters felt when they saw that pile of death blocking their exit from the hive. Sheer horror.

Yes. I do believe all living beings can feel. To believe otherwise is ludicrous.

I called the nearby golf course, sure they had sprayed some noxious chemical. But no. They told me they love the bees and know how in danger they are. I was assured they only spot treated here and there.

I needed to find someone, something to blame for this senseless death. I plan on drawing a circle around my home on a map, this will be as big as the flight distance for my girls. I will then try to figure out who is spraying chemicals that would kill my bees and go talk to them. I will do whatever I can to protect mine and all the other bees in my town.

It is amazing to me how we can disregard the littlest creatures. No one would argue that spraying humans with nerve gas would be a horrible thing. And to sit and watch the effects of that gas on someone's nervous system would cause the most hardened heart to weep. Why then do we think it OK to spray the littlest creatures with the same chemical? Have you ever watched an insect or a mouse or any other being after they have been chemically attacked by a human? They suffer greatly. Yet we still go to the local box store, by the Raid, and spray away.

I just don't understand it. What have we as humans become when we inflict such suffering on the rest of our family on this Earth?

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